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Top Appliance Brands

Nowadays, all houses in the world need to have kitchen appliances. Appliances like ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators etc., have become essential in each home. We expect them to finish our work in the kitchen.

Because there is such a big and competing market in the world, all brands are attempting to think of more and more new and creative product ideas depending on what the consumers are asking for. Famous brands like LG, Electrolux, Kenmore, Miele, Maytag, Frigidaire and Viking are challenging each other to offer the finest goods in the market.

According to a survey in Britain, a German company Miele has the best products on the market. Their vacuum cleaners, fridges, ovens and washing machines are supposedly better than other appliances in the world today. They did so well, because the company makes sure that it manufactures appliances that last for at least 20 years. Their products  are a bit expensive, but they are excellent.

Maytag appliances are coming up quickly. They offer various options to choose from, and understand that their customers have different needs and wants. They have four types of cooking ranges and fridges, stainless steel dishwashers, and even portable dishwashers. They have it all.

LG has been a top quality brand for a while. Their main motto is innovation, so they have made some important changes to their appliances in the last decade. For example, they offer refrigerators with more storage space, cook tops with touch controls, double ovens, and most importantly the microwave sensor cook technology. The price is a little higher, but they offer top products.

Kenmore is the one you should be watching for. They captivate their customers with creative products. For example, they made AirGuard Technology, which removes bad odors coming from the microwave food. Also, their induction-cooking technology saves time and energy, and therefore draws new customers.

Electrolux applies newest technology, and creates great-looking designs with relatively affordable prices. They are a relatively new brand in the USA, but very famous and trustworthy in the rest of the world.

Frigidaire maybe has low prices, but great durability of products. Most people buy other brands, because of their innovative styles and more attractive looks. However, the ones that buy Frigidaire never regret their choice, because these products are made with excellence.

Viking also doesn’t cost as much as other famous brands. They are appealing to customers, because their cooking ranges have knobs, unlike the ones which only have sensors.

With so many brands and appliances to choose from, it has become very hard for a simple man to buy an appliance. Every company tries to be the best in the market and offers new products and features using an amazing new technology. Maybe a couple of years ago, you had to spend a lot of money to buy an appliance with innovative features. Today, most brands offer great looking, but still very functional kitchen appliances at a good price. So, it would be very hard to make a mistake by purchasing any of them.

Repairing a small refrigerator

Small (or compact refrigerators) can be a helpful addition to office rooms, dorm rooms, holiday homes etc. They are used to store and cool limited amounts of foods and drinks, with a capacity ranging from 1.5 to 4 cubic feet. When experiencing problems with your small refrigerator, there is a number of different steps to solve those problems without the help of a professional technician. I will not suggest you to do refrigerator repair work by yourself but in case you are facing a smaller problem you should at least try to find solution alone, ‘cause it could save your time and money.

Here are some steps you could try before calling the repairman. Google is right place to start. Simply enter refrigerator repair and you will find some great sources. (On or there are a few useful tips about refrigerator repairs).

So, let’s start.

First, you should check the power supply. Maybe the cable is not correctly connected to the outlet, and that’s why your fridge isn’t working or it’s working occasionally. Also check whether the outlet is working by connecting some other electrical piece, like a blow-dryer. The power cable from the fridge should be strongly connected into a working electrical outlet.

The next step is to make sure you don’t have a blown fuse. That could make some electric circuits and outlets defective. Examine the fuses and circuit breakers. Thrown circuit breakers should be reset (just push into “on” position), and black fuses replaced with new ones. If you are not sure how fuses work, contact an electrician or search more about this refrigerator repair.

Don’t forget to set the fridge to the right temperature. Most fridges have a small dial inside, and this dial controls the temperature. You turn the dial depending on whether it is too warm or to cold, but it should not be set to “OFF”.


Make sure the door is well closed, i.e. that food or bottles aren’t preventing the door to close if there are too many things in the fridge. Also, the rubber door seals should not be damaged in any way, because it could cause the air to get out the refrigerator. This leads to spoiled food and noisy fridge. When they are working correctly, the door seals produce an airtight seal with the body of the fridge. In addition, you could clean the gaskets with a damp cloth. Remember that the motor runs longer when the temperature is not right.

Some models have a defrost button. Check to see whether this button was pressed. If it was, you should let the fridge complete this cycle, and it will continue cooling after a few hours.

When the temperature in the fridge is too warm, you should turn the dial to a cooler setting and wait for some time for the fridge to cool to this new temperature. This can also apply to the times after installation or when it was unplugged for longer periods of time. Furthermore, avoid placing warm food inside the refrigerator. But, if you have to, bear in mind that the motor will have to run longer in order to cool down the temperature.

Home Appliance Installation

So, do you think it’s time for brand new kitchen appliances? If so, we will give you some tips on how to install them yourselves, but also advice on the additional costs you may expect if you let someone else do it.

Installing it by yourself is not as complicated as it seems, and can possibly save you a lot of money. Here are some other things you might find useful. Think of where and how you will install it. Some manufacturers offer product guides or installation procedures on their web sites. Since the majority of appliances come in a few standard sizes, it would be wiser and cheaper to find a replacement with the same size. Installing a bigger or smaller new appliance in the place of the old one could be difficult, if you need to expand the opening, or shorten it. Before you remove and reinstall your appliance, remember to shut the electricity and gas supplies.

Appliances can be quite large, so two people are usually needed to install them. When removing or installing, place a large piece of some protective material (plywood, blankets, etc.) to protect your floors from damage.

If you’re still thinking about doing the installation yourself, you have to be aware of the following – a fridge with a water dispenser demands for plumbing work and materials; a dishwasher demands for plumbing and electrical work; new range demands for gas or electrical connection. Check if your plumbing connections are in order or need replacement. Some installations may require the services of carpenters if cabinets need to be removed or resized to make room for new appliances.

The installation of freestanding ranges is simple. Disconnect the gas or electricity, remove the old range. Put the new range in its place, connect the new electrical cord or gas line and that is all. Slide-in ranges are installed similarly, but sometimes coutertop cutouts need some adjustment. Cooktops should be bought to fit into the old opening. Disconnect the electricity or the gas, undo the fasteners and just remove the old one. Built-in ovens are also not complicated. The first thing is to remove the old door, then the fasteners. Remove the old oven, and adjust the new one.

As far as delivery is concerned, some retailers deliver appliances for free, but some charge for shipping even if you live in the same city. Definitely ask about that before you buy anything. If you know someone with a larger vehicle, that could help you avoid these charges. And don’t forget to figure out a deal for your old appliance with the retailer. Maybe just to dispose of it for you, when they deliver your new appliance. In this way, you don’t have to think about disposing it by yourself, or paying for someone else to do it.

After your installation is finished, and your new appliance is ready to work, always read the manual. Get to know about the available features and how to set them up. Other troubleshooting tips can also be found there. Have fun and take pleasure in your new appliance.

Compact refrigerator test

A WUSA9 investigator Russ Ptacek started investigating compact refrigerators when his own compact refrigerator didn’t manage to cool at 40 degrees. He tested thermoelectric models which are different from regular compact refrigerators because they don’t use compressors.

In his test, the room temperature was increased to 75 degrees, and he tested six compact refrigerators. Out of those six, three weren’t able to cool at the safe storage temperature of 40 degrees. Two of them were cooling above 50 degrees inside, and at 85 degrees, all of them couldn’t keep temperatures at 40 degrees or less. Because of this test, some major manufacturers have to take their products off the market, and some are even rewriting owner’s manuals.

The test was in a controlled room temperature, where he regulated fans and electric heaters. Following expert advice, he checked room temperature by sampling water inside bottles at room and refrigerator temperatures.

A food microbiologist Jennifer McEntire (the Institute of Food Technologies) said that when you eat that kind of compromised food, it can send you to the hospital and even kill you. She monitored his laboratory and worked with her own equipment to confirm his temperature data in the danger zone, expressed her concern about the findings, because it showed that the temperatures were significantly above the danger zone.

Comments on various web sites present a history of discontent with thermoelectric models, saying they weren’t able to keep anything cold., or that it never got below 59 degrees. This was a concern because many of these products were advertised to keep milk, eggs, and cheese. They should be recalled or some legal action should be taken against the manufacturers of these faulty products. Companies lie Sears and HH Gregg removed the models we tested from the market when they found out his findings, while Amazon and other web sites ignored his repeated inquiries. Culinair even printed new owner’s manual where they admitted that their products sometimes can’t perform at safe temperatures. Haier and Danby removed the tested models. Koolatron, whose models performed the worst in his tests, doubted his unscientific methods. They performed their own tests and said that their models showed a consistency in cooling 40 degrees below. Avanti, whose models showed best results, praised the test and said their products work as they should, keeping the food fresh and cool at 80 degrees. A spokeperson with the Consumer Product Safety Commission said that refrigerator cooling standards are vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

This investigation has shown that the popular compact refrigerator models with thermoelectric cooling weren’t safe at room temperatures. The majority of them were very sensitive to room temperatures, and experts claim that this could make your food dangerous, even poisonous. If your refrigerator can’t keep your food at required temperatures, then it is not safe. It is very difficult to know the difference between the safe 40 degrees and probably unhealthy 50 degrees, so you should use a thermometer and test your refrigerator to be sure.

Here are full story

Appliance Professionals

Home appliances have become a major part of our daily life and we greatly rely on them as they have made our lives easy and more comfortable. Whenever any one of these appliances malfunctions, we get confused whether our appliance needs a repair or replacement. You should go for a repair as far as you appliance is too older than its average life expectancy which is 15-20 years for most of the appliances. Also,if your appliance is too old fashioned and your family and friends laugh on it :). You should probably go for a replacement which is generally easier to do. The real problem comes when you need to find someone for appliance repair.

If you are seeking appliance repair and you are frightened by your previous experience when you were over charged or provided with worst services ever. We are here to help you find the best appliance repair experts and service providers. First of all when you experience malfunction of any appliance in your home, go out, take advice and look for referrals from your friends and neighbors in your town.

You should look for any of them, who took services of appliance repair experts in your town for the same appliance you are experiencing problem with. Find someone who found a service provider completely satisfactory and is happy with their performance and price.

Other than that, you can check the feedback of the appliance repair experts you are choosing online. Also check they are present in major business directories such as yellow pages online.

You should make sure the service provider you are choosing have enough expertise and experience in dealing with all the major brand appliances. Of course! You will not want your probably new appliance to go in the wrong hands. Make sure the technician they are sending has enough expertise, training and certifications.

For getting the best appliance repair experience, you should always go for the appliance repair experts who provide repair guarantee to their customers. This minimum validity of their repair guarantee should be 90 days at least.

This will make sure if your appliance worries you again after some time, you will not be forced to spend more on the repair. The service provider you choose mush have maximum parts of appliances of all major brands handy in there repair automobiles so that they don’t always have to rush to fetch one. If the part that needs replacement is not common, the maximum time they should take is 1-2 days. You can confirm this when you call them.

To ensure the safety of you and your family, you should make sure that the technicians coming over your place required to pass background and drug check.

Last but not the least, you should check whether the appliance repair experts you are hiring have been in business for some time and are not new. In short, the appliance repair experts you choose should be friendly, timely and have work guarantee.